Rankin's Airbrush Tattoo - Tats for all ages from 2 to 102!
Why Airbrush Tattoos?
Weather your planning a private party, school carnival, or a fair....
Why should you choose this service?
For a private party we can fit in with any theme.
If we do not have it, we will GET what you need.
Airbrush Tats are popular, pain free, and not permanent.
They mimic the real thing very well and most of the people you are entertaining will know how special and the VALUE of what you are getting.  
Although we pride ourselves on servicing all ages, kids love us.
If you got a kids area to an event, we are a nice addition.
Airbrush Tattoos Vs. Face Painting 
Face Painters are awesome. The free-handedness from the simple cheek art to the full-face characters is true artistry. I grab a stencil, then I point ‘n shoot. I also cannot do my job with out a place to plug in or an hour to set up. Therefore, they are more of an artist than I.
The benefits of having an Airbrush Tattoo Artist over a face painter are….
1.)    Ours is more long lasting
2.)  It dries instantly, no smearing or sweating off
3.)   Can be concealed better for work, school, or your Sunday’s best.
4.)  Stencils are as close to perfect work you can get
5.)  More of a selection
6.)  We are quicker
7.)  Multiples!  You got skin, you have room.
Airbrush Tattoos AND Face Painting
Often, we are at a fair with a face painter. No, we don’t see it as competition.
a)    We don’t do faces-they do.
b)    Teens and adults typically don’t get their faces painted-they come to us.
c)     Usually, if it’s affordable to do both- parents will cave to “PPPLLEEESEEEE!”
d)    When we are hired in hourly and we are “free” to anyone willing to wait in line, the face painter and I will BOTH have a line a mile long and you WILL get your money’s worth out of both of us.
If you are running a fair and have some reservations about taking in an Airbrush Artist (or vice versa) because you already have a face painter, please consider what you’ve read on this page. Both are a big draw for kids (brings in families).  
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